✨ This is your Transformational Recording for Relaxation"✨

Take 20min off of your daily tasks and let the sound of waves and smooth meditative music guide you into you deepest relaxation. You will be accompanied by the comforting and reassuring voice, which helps you sink into a pleasant and carefree state of mind where rest and healing take place.

A variety of powerful deepening techniques as well as a body scan are helping you relax more and more. The relaxation part is followed by wonderful positive and calming affirmations for a peaceful state of mind and healing. They let you relax positively and mentally and attune you to your inner harmonious and confident self.

This recording will be programming your ability of relaxing not only for this self-hypnosis session, but also for your daily ability to relax. You are taking this time out for your selfcare of your physical and mental self, relaxing and healing from within.

Taking care of yourself is important in order to feel good and be effective. So, take this time for your mind and body to recharge. After this hypnosis you will feel calm, refreshed and balanced, as if after a nice rejuvenating sleep.

This session is also very well suited for people who have never had a hypnotherapy session before and are not sure what to expect. It will give you an understanding of how the induction takes place and prepares your mind for the powerful work possible in a full hypnosis session.

Don't listen to audio while driving.
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