Please use this checklist, when you prepare for your RTT session

The device you use for the session: laptop, smartphone, tabloid, etc. will be called “the device” in the following.
  • 1
    Prepare a safe environment
    — Please, make sure that you are in a safe environment and have at least 2 hours of comfortable undisturbed time at your disposal.

    It is important that nobody can come and talk to you, as this will interrupt the session.

    Remember, that you are always in control and can stop the session at any given moment yourself.
  • 2
    Connect your device to the network
    — Make sure your device is plugged in.
  • 3
    Check the internet connection
    — Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • 4
    Choose a comfortable place
    — Make sure, you can sit or almost lie on a comfortable chair, bed, sofa or any comfortable surface.

    It is important that you can lean back.

    Please, do not lie horizontal, as you might fall asleep.
  • 5
    Place your device
    — Your device must be securely positioned in front of you.

    — You cannot hold it or have it on your lap.

    — The distance between you and your device must be a little further than the length of your arms. You must be able to stretch out your arms in front of you and not hit anything when moving your arms up and down.
  • 6
    Visit the bathroom
    — Please, visit the bathroom before the session, or be sure, you are ok for two hours without it.
  • 7
    Prepare the tissues
    — Have tissues within your reach just in case you need them.
  • 8
    Prepare a drink
    — If you think you need it, have something to drink within your reach.
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