Frequently asked Questions

Why hypnotherapy? Can't we just talk normally?
— Hypnosis is nothing more than a deeply relaxed state, similar to that in the falling asleep and waking up phases. We could also talk normally - we do in coaching - but this is how we talk to your conscious mind. When you are relaxed, you let your unconscious speak. This way we can find and change hidden beliefs very quickly.
Why is it necessary to work with old beliefs?
— Most beliefs come from childhood. From the time when logic and reason were not yet present and did not yet influence your thinking. So conclusions were formed that seemed to the child to be the only possible ones. But these were not questioned later and formed your personality.
I doubt that I can change. What's in me is in me forever. Isn't it?
— That's actually how people used to think. But in fact, your brain has the ability to change through repetition and training (neuroplasticity).
So that means your brain can literally change physically. This allows old thought patterns and resulting emotions and habitual actions, and thus your entire life, to change for the better.
After all, my past, which has shaped me, cannot be changed. Why do I need to remember painful scenes?
— The exciting thing is that it is not the scenes that shape us, but the interpretation we have given to these scenes. So, we are not changing the past, which is neither possible, nor necessary, but your interpretation of it. And that can be done in an instant.
What is the differentiation between my personality and my beliefs?
— There's no clear line here. Your beliefs and experiences have shaped you as a person and therefore your personality. Even genes are not the unambiguous definition of your life (epigenetics). So, by changing negative beliefs, you are positively influencing your thinking and thus what you define by your personality. And this affects your whole life.
I don't believe in quick fixes.
— You are welcome to use other modalities, such as meditations, talk therapy, group therapy and others. These actually take weeks and months because they work with consciousness. They can be very supportive, as can coaching, which I offer. Hypnotherapy treats the root cause of your problems, not the symptoms.
In therapy, don't you have to build mutual trust first?
— Absolutely! However, it only takes a few seconds to decide whether or not you like and trust the person across from you. That happens automatically. Unconsciously. That's what my videos and the free call that I offer are for. Listen to your feelings and your gut.
What if under hypnosis you take me somewhere I don't want to go?
—  In fact, you are not working with me, but with your unconscious mind. I am just facilitating you in the process. What your unconscious wants to reveal, it does. Everything remains under your control.
How can I be sure that the effect of the hypnosis session will last?
— You will receive your own personal audio recording for self-hypnosis. On this recording are all the statements that your brain needs to hear to solidify the changes that took place in the session. Our brain needs repetition. That's why you should listen to this recording preferably in the morning and in the evening within 18-66 days to get the maximum effect.
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