Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®), combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and Neuroscience.

Watch this video in which Marisa Peer explains what RTT® is.
How is RTT® different from other therapy techniques?

RTT® is the pioneering new therapy method that is gathering interest all over the world. It is different to other therapy techniques because it achieves outstanding lasting results very quickly: in just 1-3 sessions instead of months or even years with CBT or talk therapy. RTT® is being validated on a global scale.

How it works

Using regression hypnotherapy we first immerse into your past and find deeply rooted unconscious imprints. These imprints are the cause of your suffering or daily struggles today. We then change your negative beliefs into positive ones. Throughout the session I use a combination of indirect (also known as Ericksonian) hypnotherapy, direct suggestions (known as Suggestion Hypnosis), as well as Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

At the end of the session I make your personal transformational audio recording (also known as a primer) for you. It comprises all the important positive suggestions, your unconscious mind needs to hear. Because our mind likes repetition, you will have to listen to your recording daily for at least 3 weeks after your session. It will guide you into a hypnotic state and solidify the results we achieved.

The session

Stage 1
Discussion of your topic
Stage 2
Regression, therapy itself, transformation. Diving into the past, working through the problem
Stage 3
Personal transformational audio recording
Stage 4
Out of hypnosis: Discussion of your insights during hypnotherapy
Follow-up 3-weeks-email-support. Free 15-min call possible within 3 weeks after the session.
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For whom hypnotherapy sessions will be effective
  • If you suffer from low self-esteem, social anxiety, people pleasing and self-sabotage or maybe you have anger management problems or (drug) addictions

  • If you see yourself in situations which trigger you daily and you suffer from sleep-loss

  • If you have already seen psychologists, therapists, trainers, esoterics, or others but have not received sufficient results
  • If you need results quickly and sustainably, and you don't have time to go to different specialists for months

  • If you know there is a problem, but you don't understand how to approach it or why it occurred in the first place

  • If you are interested in self-development and want to look inside yourself and work through negative beliefs

About me
I am a certified hypnotherapist, working with RTT® Rapid Transformational Therapy®.

Apprentice of Marisa Peer, creator of the unique RTT® method and pronounced the best hypnotherapist in the UK.

To date I have helped over 1000 people to solve problems and become happier.
How my sessions are different from other Hypnotherapists' sessions
Quick result
I work with the RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy® . You get results in 1-3 sessions.
I don't leave you after the session. You receive a personal transformational recording which consolidates the effect of the session. You also receive email support for 3 weeks after your session and you can ask for a free 15-min call within this time.
Personalised approach
I thoroughly prepare for each session, studying your intake-form and fully immersing myself in the problem.
Long sessions
Each hypnotherapy session is a full session, lasting 2-3 hours.
Online sessions from anywhere in the world. It means you are in your comfortable environment (Offline sessions are possible upon request)

Topics for hypnotherapy

Low confidence and self-esteem
Navigating relationships
Procrastination and self-sabotage
Uncontrollable outbursts of aggression
Bad habits and self-destruction
OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders)
Migraines and psychosomatics
Public speaking and group communication
Speaking in general, stuttering
Social phobia and anxiety
Emotional burnout
Panic attacks
Smoking, alcohol, drugs
Addictions to shopping, sports or work
Autoimmune diseases
And more...
Choose the number of hypnotherapy sessions
Cely, 36 yo, USA
I am so forever grateful to Erik!! He helped me immensely with the problem of frustration. It affected my life as a mother, and I uncovered where and why that frustration clouded my true self. It feels blissfully amazing to be free of this feeling and replace it with feelings of absolute gratitude. If you are thinking about booking with Erik, put your thoughts into action and embark on your incredible healing journey. Trust yourself. You are worth it.
Kiran, 26 yo, Nepal
Thank You Erik for the wonderful session on speech impediment where I was able to experience a part of my life and myself. I want to remarkably mention that after the session I was able to find a different level of calmness within me, confident enough and boost myself up being cheerful. I express my gratitude for your time and efforts for the session. Thank you once again.
Lisa, 46 yo, Australia
Would like to extend my gratitude to Erik, for such an insightful and life changing experience during my recent RTT session. All my life I have struggled with relationships, & during Hypnosis I was able to identify the root cause & an understanding of the beliefs that I had manifested from my early childhood.
Together, I now understand how that has played out in my life. I am so grateful, I now realize that I do not need these beliefs anymore, & I can allow myself to be completely committed in all my relationships & for me, that’s an incredible step forward not only for me but everyone around me.
Thank you so much.
Gracia, 38, Germany
I have to work hard to make money." This belief has kept me from my work-life balance for a long time. After the hypnotherapy session with Erik, I immediately felt lighter. I am especially happy about the audio file with the personalized self-hypnosis, which I listen to twice a day. It keeps me on the topic. In the meantime, I don't feel so driven anymore - I take more breaks in my daily work routine and manage my time better. Thank you, Erik, for your emphatic manner and the trusting framework in which your valuable work takes place.
Vesna, 50, Austria
I had a session with Erik about why everybody's leaving me. I had this belief about being alone for a long time. I didn"t recognize that my fear was ruining my life. So Erik helped me with Hypnosis to understand what happened in my past years ago, and how I was affected by my memories. Thank you Erik for helping me overcome my old belief. Now I am becoming the person I should've been a long time ago.
Emily, 41yo, USA
Rapid Transformation Therapy is life-changing. If you listen to Erik’s hypnosis recording, it will transform both your own life and can help others. His voice is soothing, comforting, and an assurance. I had a stroke that left me with a speech problem 23 years ago. It improved quite a bit, but complicated words are hard to pronounce, so people assume my intellect has diminished even though I haven't; thus, my anxiety increased and my speech got worse. But since I listened to his hypnosis, I can say hard words for the first try, and I speak with ease and confidence. Amazing! If you are even thinking about it...please do it! It makes a huge difference.
Bogdana, 46 yo, Switzerland
Dear Erik
Thank you for the great Transformation in the RTT Session I got from you. You have guided me and helped me to find the root-cause for my issue of not be able to set healthy boundaries to other people. As a small child I didn‘t have any voice and couldn‘t say „No or Stop“ to others as well to say what I want and need. You helped me to find the scenes from my childhood and change the meaning/ Beliefs I got and start to believe I can do it. You helped me to find my truth, so I can easily and effortlessly feel free to set boundaries to other people, to choose with whom I want to work and which persons I choosing to have in my life. I could let go of my issue and find the courage and freedom to let go of people I don‘t want in my life longer and to feel empowered and liberated to this all the time and set healthy boundaries, to choose me instead of them. Thank you, Erik, for giving me my healthy boundaries, now it feels great to use them and to respect myself as I deserve. You ‘ve done a great job. ❤️
Anna, 51 yo, Germany
I came to see Erik with my health issues after a mutual friend told me about his work. Having been to multiple doctors with various diagnoses from hypothyroid to pre menopause and Hashimoto to "nothing at all, it's all in your head". Well, if it's all in my head, then I can surely refuse to take the offered thyroid medication and anti-depressants. So, I decided to take a different approach. I went to see Erik to find out what was really going on. I have had hypnotherapy before and was familiar with the process - or so I thought. However, Erik explained the procedure in his very calm and reassuring way. He made me feel comfortable and at ease and handled himself and the situation very professionally. He explained to me the difference between regular hypnotherapy and RTT and how much faster and more efficient RTT is. I was intrigued and wanted to experience it firsthand to see for myself, what RTT could do for me. After our initial call, we did my session about two weeks ago. As advised by Erik, it was different than regular hypnotherapy and we quickly found the "cause of all evil". At the end of the session, I got a recording I was supposed to listen to for at least 21 days. I have since and will continue to listen to it as it's really helpful. Slowly but surely, my symptoms are getting better, and I feel much more like myself again, being able to enjoy life to the fullest again without any medication.
I am very happy that I had a chance to work with Erik on my issues and would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody who is willing to work for their health. Cause you have to remember that this is not a miraculous healing but a process you and a hypnotherapist have to go through together!
Claudio, 43 yo, Switzerland
I came to Erik because of an issue with fingers and lips biting.
My RTT session with Erik has been awesome: Erik has run everything perfectly, since the very beginning, providing very good guidance through the different steps at the right pace; his voice really made me comfortable across the different phases and took me to clearly see those blocks that were causing my fears and limiting beliefs; blocks which somehow, I knew to be there but linked to a completely unexpected root cause. Since then, I stuck rigorously to the three-week recording listening plan and I committed to building a thoughts routine that I managed to transform in a positive action habit which stopped the issue with the fingers and lips biting. That’s something I couldn’t even imagine 3 weeks ago. Thanks again Erik!
Tatiana, 51 yo, France
An RTT session given by Erik was truly transformational and unique. It was performed in a very professional manner with a phenomenal result! Erik is an extremely competent, sensitive, and deeply respectful therapist who perfectly adjusts the RTT tool to every unique situation / person he treats. He will go an extra mile to give you the tailor-made treatment! Don’t hesitate another minute to book a session with this exceptional therapist!

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